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Things to remember:

A tattoo is an open wound and aftercare is crucial for the best results

If you have any concerns regarding your new tattoo please get in contact with your artist directly or alternatively send an email to

Things to do:

Only touch your tattoo with clean hands

Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo

If your artist has used a second skin sticker; leave it on for three days, then wash the area with warm water only to clean, pat dry (don't wipe) with a kitchen towel or clean towel

If your artist has used clingfilm; leave it on for a few hours or until the end of the day. Rinse and wash it thoroughly using warm water, antibacterial soap, and your hands then pat dry with a kitchen towel or clean towel

Apply aftercare cream, coconut oil or coco butter to assist in the healing process. You should apply the cream four times a day for the first two weeks

Avoid tight clothing where possible for the first week after your tattoo

Avoid the sun, baths, hot tubs or swimming pools for four weeks or until the tattoo is completely healed. However, washing the tattoo in the shower daily is recommended

The signs to look out for that might suggest an infection include; swelling, redness, burning, throbbing increased tenderness and pain, any unusual discharge (yellow or green with an offensive smell). If the tattooed area is showing any signs of infection clients should speak to your tattoo artist or

GP immediately

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