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Our Story

October 2018


Abi began her tattoo career as a resident artist at studios based in Brighton and Swansea as well as working in various guest spots in the UK and USA.


In October 2018, Abi opened a private studio in her hometown of Porthcawl, named 'Abi Eve Tattoo'


April 2021

Atig Pic 4.jpg

Following a successful two and a half years, Abi made the decision to expand the studio and this meant the addition to the studio of talented artist Ffion.

The studio was re-branded in April 2021 to 'Atig Tattoo'. A reference to the welsh word for ' Attic' given the studios placement on the top floor of our seafront location in Porthcawl.

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January 2023


In January 2023 the studio under went a large scale renovation, now spanning two floors of our Porthcawl seafront location.

We welcomed Courtney, Hannah & Kate to the Atig team alongside existing resident artists Abi and Ffion.

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Our Ethos

"Atig Tattoo Studio not only prides itself on a great client experience, but is also focused on being eco conscious and reducing plastic & paper waste by using bio-degradable products where possible"

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Digital Consent Forms

Tablet Consent Form.png
Phone Consent Form.png

In an effort to reduce our paper waste, we have moved all consent forms and medical questionnaires to our digital platform for clients.

Aftercare guidance is also sent to all clients via their nominated email address to further reduce paper waste.

Plant Based Tattoo Supplies

The studio uses plant based bio-degradable tattoo supplies where possible, including on our machines, armrests and clipcords.

These products are free of plastic and are made from sustainable plants like cassava, corn starch, sugar cane or beets, whereas traditional plastics are made from oil.


Paper Products

Toilet Paper.png

The studio uses eco friendly bamboo kitchen roll for every tattoo and all of our toilet paper is 100% recycled and plastic free.

You can find out more about our paper suppliers, The Cheeky Panda and Who Gives A Crap and the work they're doing to help the planet by clicking their names!

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